Monday, 13 February 2017

Good Riddance To Chemicals: Guide To Switching to Safe Natural Diapers

 We live in a technologically advanced world where products are manufactured in bulk and often in factories that use a wide range of chemicals for the manufacturing process. Baby Diapers are no exception to this trend as majority of the leading diaper brands use a mind boggling number of chemicals to achieve low costing products that have a premium finish.

Parents are often put into a challenging position when they have to choose amongst these expensive diaper brands that all use parabens, latex, fragrances, lotions, chlorine and other bleaches. What most parents do not know is that these chemicals although used in small quantities and are declared to be safe on the label, are actually not truly safe as children have extremely sensitive skin and an immune system that is not fully developed.

You might now find yourself pondering, is there a safer diaper alternative that is both affordable and practical to use? The answer is yes! Safe natural diapers that are devoid of 95% chemicals were introduced in the international market many years ago . This healthy trend is catching on in India as well with Bumchum Diapers introducing the first ever range of eco-friendly and baby safe disposable bamboo diapers that are chemical free and biodegradable.

The Highlights of Using Safe Natural Bumchum Diapers
·       No chemicals, just pure goodness and love from Mother Earth. Absorbent wood based pulp inserts along with bamboo cotton top sheet which is antibacterial and allows the skin to breathe.
·       No latex, fragrances, chlorine, bleaches and lotions added thus lowering chances of skin irritation and diaper rashes.
·       No parabens or toxins or other cancer causing chemicals reducing exposure to toxins and parabens
·       Ultra safe and soft plant based layers on the outside and inside to keep your baby comfortable.
·       Contoured designs with soft leg elastic in the insert and covers to keep the messes contained
·       Biodegradable inserts made of bamboo and  naturally derived ingredients making these diapers environment friendly and easy to dispose
·       The stylish cloth covers that hold the bamboo insert can be used multiple times with a fresh disposable inserts. Each insert can be used only once due to hygiene reasons.
·       Affordable choice as the diaper set is washable so you only pay for the insert refill.
·       Cute and fashionable diaper covers that make your munchkin look cute and allow for some wriggle space for active babies.

Switching To Natural Safe Diapers The Easy Way

If you have been using synthetic diapers for your baby in the past, then you might be wondering, can I immediately switch my baby over to natural safe diapers, without any adverse effects? The answer is yes, safe natural Bumchum diapers can be used without worrying about any allergic reaction due to introducing your child to a new brand of diapers. In fact, soon after the switch, you might notice a happier baby who is less bothered due to itchiness, wetness and skin irritation. What’s more is that Bumchum diaper sets are coupled with a matching T-shirt so that your child can feel and look his best at all times. 

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