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Top Ten Reasons for Using Cloth Diapers

Top 10 Reasons for Using Cloth Diapers.
Cloth diapers have been used for centuries by mothers all around the world. However, our current lifestyles make it difficult to deal with the inconveniences of the cloth. Cloth diapers currently available in the market get wet easily, require pins or strings to tie and cannot sustain any accidents. BumChum diapers bring you the hygiene and health of cloth, with modern convenience and advances that make diapering economical, reliable, easier and fun! BumChum diapers are better than the regular cloth nappies available in the market as they do not require any pins or strings to hold and a single diaper can be used on the same baby from birth until he is potty trained.
But todays' post is about outlining the top 10 reasons more and more mothers are turning to modern cloth diapers.

 Save 10X your money

Independent research suggests that disposable diapers cost a family INR 58,000 per year. Given that a single BumChum can be adjusted several times to fit your baby at any age , most families find that 6 BumChums costing only INR 5,000 can get them through a full year.
2. Stay Natural and Safe

According to a study by German Scientists at the University of Kiel, usage of disposable diapers containing toxic chemicals and absorbents can lead to increased risk of testicular cancer and reproductive disorders in babies. BumChum diapers are made from natural cotton with no harmful side effects. Our state of the art liners help wick away moisture, keeping the baby’s skin dry and free from rashes. BumChum is also available in organic bamboo fabric which is known to have anti-bacterial properties.

3. Save our Planet

A single disposable diaper takes 200 years to decompose, adding more toxic waste to our environment! BumChum reusable cloth diapers are a better alternative for the environment, as the solid waste gets disposed in the toilet versus landing up in landfills

4. Make a Style Statement

Ever noticed how disposable diapers all look the same? How Boring. BumChum are fitted diapers available in cute and fun prints for boys and girls that make diapering a lot more fun for the fashion conscious moms.

5. Healthy for your baby 

Using cloth diapers is known to reduce your babies chances of getting asthma. The Archives of Environmental Health tested 6 leading cloth diapers and 6 leading disposable diapers and discovered that the emissions from one disposable diaper were high enough to produce asthma-like symptoms in mice.

6. No more running out of diapers:
Now there is no last minute diaper runs to the grocery store. A set of 6-8 cloth diapers can take you from infancy to toddlerhood and onto other babies. 
7. Potty Training made easy 
Using cloth diapers will help facilitate quicker potty training. During potty training time children who have been in cloth will recognize sooner when they are wet versus a baby in disposable diapers.
8. Lesser Diaper rash
As BumChum uses 'breathable' fabrics, your baby is exposed to fewer chemicals hence reducing the chances of diaper rash. Furthermore, the baby will realize the feeling of 'wetness' much earlier with a cloth diapers, hence leading to the habit of getting off the diapers sooner.
9. Reduce your carbon footprint:
The manufacturing of disposables takes over 1 million metric tons of wood pulp and 75,000+ of metric tons of plastic each year!
10. So many options!
BumChum Diapers are available in 3 different SKUs to suit the needs of each and every mother and their child. From organic fleece cotton to TUP covers with Inserts, you can choose any style and color you want till you are satisfied with your solution!

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