Friday, 10 January 2014

Are you passionate about exclusively breastfeeding your baby? Here is how we can help ..

Have you ever been in a situation where you have needed to nurse, but did not have anyway to do it discretely? Have you been frustrated by the thought of being locked in a room nursing, while your friends are chatting outside? Do you feel with all the baby care duties, you often forget  the side you last nursed with?

If you are a passionate and confident mother who wants to continue breastfeeding, at the same time carry on your daily chores with ease, then the BumChum Nursing Apron is a must -have accessory for you!

BumChum Nursing Aprons are a innovative, versatile and necessary  breastfeeding accessory for  all new mothers. Made from 100% breathable cotton, these chic aprons help you nurse your baby with confidence and style, anytime and anywhere. A must have for every diaper bag!

Why is this Nursing Apron different from a scarf or a 'dupatta'?
  • Our Nursing aprons have a rigid neckline 'window' that enables you to make eye contact with the baby while nursing. 
  • We provide a cute  and innovative 'side indicator' to remind you of which side you last nursed the baby.
  • Our Aprons come in a generous size of 40" x 40" to cover all, helping you breastfeed in confidence and comfort anytime, anywhere.
  • These cute acessory comes in a stylish pouch , easy and small to help store them away safely and securely in the diaper bag or a purse.

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